The Goodwill Donation Challenge Returns This Week

Goodwill-Logo-250Football season is upon us once again and the Star64/WKRC/CW team will be producing its live high school football program, Saturday High School Rivals, for a third season!  Good news… the Elder vs. Moeller game on October 7, at 7:00 PM will be airing on STAR64 on Octber 8 at 1:00 PM!  We are excited for this upcoming football season and although we hope that you will enjoy watching these two great teams compete, we have another way for you to support Elder High School and your community!

As part of the program, Star64/WKRC/CW is partnering with Goodwill to conduct the Goodwill Donation Challenge between Elder and Moeller the week leading up to the game.The students, faculty and community will be competing at each respective high school to donate the most items.  Donations will begin the Monday before each game and will accumulate through the week until the final weigh in on Friday. The goal is to leave a Goodwill Semi parked at each school the Monday before their televised football game and encourage both the schools and the communities to donate including students, parents, and teachers.  Although we expect to have a semi-truck at each school there may also be alternative ways of donating at the school site in form of bins inside the school or other smaller Goodwill vehicles. At the end of the week we will weigh the amount of donations to determine which school donated the most items and reward them with a prize!

Click here to watch a video about the Goodwill Donation Challenge

The concept of the series is to turn a regular season high school football game into a community-wide event and we invite everyone to join us for Saturday High School Rivals and the Goodwill Donation Challenge.  Make sure to get out to Elder today to help contribute to a great cause!

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